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Security for your home. Mysecurity Services will keep you safe

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Save your business money and time for all surveillance security.

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Special Security Systems

When you need a security services that thinks outside the box call Mysecurity Services.

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Why MySecurity Services & Bodyguards?

MySecurity is an Australian based security firm with offices in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane. Our aim is to provide the best possible service to our clientele. We cover all aspects of security and will go to any means necessary to ensure our clients protection. At MySecurity, we endeavour to work efficiently and effectively to reduce cost and time.

CPP (Close Personal Protection Operatives) Our CPP service is designed to meet the needs of celebrities such as sporting stars and performers who require the assistance of bodyguard operatives to ensure safe passage between key locations and to be guarded from the paparazzi. We facilitate the organization of all aspects of the assignment including prior planning and risk assessment.

Executive Protection Officers mitigate risk We hire bodyguards to Diplomats and corporate executives to ensure their wellbeing and safety. Theft of information, funds and assets are real threats that need to be addressed, as do the threats presented by competitors and adversaries with political agendas. We believe our duty is to detect and mitigate risk before it materializes.

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Security Guard Hire

We have a reliable and highly effective team of guards

Security Company Event Security Management

Ensure your event runs smoothly with the best available security

Security TechnicianCommercial Surveillance

Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive security plan

Security Company Mobile Patrols

Our patrols are on guard to deal with threats 24/7

Employment Opportunities

We are currently looking for qualified Bodyguards.

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